About Me

Hi, I’m Nardin!

I’m a Silicon Valley native, young professional and current graduate student at the London School of Economics. Welcome to my personal blog where I combine my passions for public policy, modern art and content curation. 

Meeting with Sen. Thomas Carper in Washington, D.C.


Having worked at varying levels of government from Sacramento to Washington D.C. to the United Nations, my passion lies in finding the intersection between communities and the policies that work for them.


As co-curator of Diaspora In Bloom, a first of its kind exhibition at the Art Ark Gallery, I spend my spare time as an avid consumer, reviewer and supporter of contemporary art.


I am the founder and content curator of MesoPortrayal, a society & culture collective promoting Mesopotamian inspired art to a community of 14k followers.

Citoyen du Monde

My point of view is heavily influenced by my world travels combined with my diverse personal background. Having lived, studied, or worked in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Paris, Geneva, D.C., New York and London – I’ve fostered a unique outlook as a global citizen on politics, art & culture that I hope to share through this blog.